Burger Inn – Specialty Burgers

Burger Inn menu

Burger Inn menu

We were looking for a sitdown place for a quick bite before heading out to the Lilac Festival last weekend in YYC Calgary. I looked up a review on Yelp! and found Burger Inn. It was embedded near 4th Street and 17th Avenue, right dab in the middle of where the festival was being held. According to the reviews on Yelp! it was a decent place, popular among the locals and clean on the health board. When we walked in, we noticed an old style menu board high up on the wall. It had the usual burgers, single patty, double, triple, super size and B.I.G.

Unique on the menu were the specialty burgers that included pork, lamb, buffalo, elk, wild salmon, wild boar, turkey and kobe beef. They were priced slightly higher but not outrageous at all. Remind you though, this was only the burger and did not include fries.

I ordered the buffalo burger. My wife ordered the elk burger. Her sister ordered the beef, turkey, lamb and the hawaiian. When the burgers came, they all looked the same and honestly, they tasted the same. I could not tell the difference between the buffalo from the elk. I avoided ordering the elk because I was scared it was going to be gamey. Instead it tasted like beef. My buffalo burger also tasted like beef. The kobe beef wasn’t super tender nor super tasty. It was the same as the beef burger. Next time, I’m going to save my money and order beef.
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