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Hong Kong Craze Egg Puffs

Hong Kong Craze Egg Puffs

New to the scene is Asia Snacks, a converted trailer decked out in red and black colours and fully equipped with waffle-like makers capable of turning out Hong Kong craze ‘egg puffs’. If you haven’t ever tried it, you have to before you die. It’s crazy good and there’s no one in Chinatown that makes it. In Vancouver, it’s different. You’ll find it everywhere, at Richmond night market, in Aberdeen mall, in every bubble tea shop but here in Calgary, it is really rare. Don’t know why but Tom and Jinny has it right.

They were at the Lilac Festival last week and graciously invited me in the backdoor for an inside look at how they made the ‘egg puffs’. They set me up to pour the batter into the waffle-like maker. Then they got me to flip it and wait for the creation to be made. Unfortunately as my first time, it wasn’t very good. Tom said it needed more batter but as you can see, plenty of batter was poured

Asian Snacks

Asia Snacks food truck

but it leaked out and onto the bottom of the pan. I was too clutzy to be any good. When it was all done, the hot egg puffs were carefully peeled from the pan and put into a paper bag. There’s no oil used to keep the egg puffs from sticking. Tom said if you let it cool before you eat it, it’ll be nice and crispy. If he made it, it would be hollow with a thin crisp coating on the outside. And the taste is like a soft fortune cookie. Check them out on Canada’s Day at Prince’s Island celebration where Tom, Jinny and team will be there. To find it, look for the food trailer with the longest line.