Il Centro for Italian



If you have expensive taste, head on over to Il Centro, near Chinook Centre for Italian food. I read the reviews and I followed the recommendations. Eating out on a Saturday night, we arrived right at 5:00pm and found the place closed. We used our iPhone and called them and they said they were inside and will open in a second or two. That’s fine, we looked like keeners to them but I’m glad we came early because it filled up quickly after just half an hour. They put us in the corner near the way to the washrooms which by the way, were clean and sparkling. I like the Leonardo Da Vinci poster on the wall – reminds that I’m in an Italian restaurant. On the menu, there were some appetizers, pasta, pizza and a list of wines. Under the appetizers, we noticed that Calamari was only available in the weekend so that’s what we started with. Served on top of a leaf of lettuce, the calamari rings were breaded and fried then dunked into a tomato sauce. It was nice and tender but I would have liked a bowl of sauce on the side instead. Some rings didn’t have any tomato sauce on it but there was light seasoning on the batter. On the entree, we decided to share a pizza since all the recommendations seem to rave about it. We were shocked at the prices of pizza but we went ahead with a large because they allow you to choose two flavours and they will make it half and half. The pizza cost a little over $25 which was a little overpriced in my books. We were definitely not in Rome where a large pizza is 4-6 euros which is about 10 bucks.

Spicy Capicollo and Gilchrist

Spicy Capicollo and Gilchrist

We ordered the Capicollo and the Gilchrist. When the pizza came, it almost looked the same. Capicollo usually doesn’t look like pancetta but this one did. I was disappointed that the capicollo was not spicy at all and that it took chili flakes to spice it up. Both sides had plenty of fresh mushrooms but the Capicollo side had diced red peppers. They were generous with the slices of meat on the pizza and the dough was nice and thin with an edging which is almost the way I like it. (I prefer NY style which is thin without an edge.) We ended up packing three slices to take home. You can say we have a big appetite.

To cap off the meal, we decided to cleanse our palette by ordering the Strawberry and Lemon Sorbet. This was delicious. Served in a martini glass, there were four small scoops of sorbet. The lemon balls were delicious, refreshing and a little tart. The strawberry balls were not as good but delicious none the less. The dessert was $6.95 which was a little too much but I think that’s the going price for desserts at high end restaurants.

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