Ruin Thai

Update: Ruan Thai is now closed. A new restaurant will be opened at this address.

Sometimes after work, it’s easier to eat downtown before returning home. We usually take 11th Avenue and go west. Yesterday we decided to stop at Ruan Thai for a beef salad, basil chicken, garlic pork and spicy string beans. When we walked in at 6:00pm for dinner, there was absolutely no one in the restaurant except the staff. Usually this is not a good sign for a restaurant to be empty at dinner time. We sat down and the waitress gave us two menus and a glass of iced water each. As we were looking through the menus, we both came to the same conclusion rather quickly. We looked up at each other and said the same thing. “This is expensive”. The beef salad was $19 and every entree averaged between $20 to $30. Where are those $10.95 dishes that I’m used to finding at most Thai restaurants?

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We tried Ruan Thai when they first opened in Calgary. They were located across TransAlta Utilities, further east on 11th Avenue. The food was just ok at the time and the prices were average. After many years, we thought it was time to give them a try. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get ourselves to order from their menu. We totally agree with Stefan’s review on UrbanSpoon to stay away and congratulate yourself for eating elsewhere and saving money.