Make Waves in Calgary

Waves - 17th Ave and 5th Street

Waves – 17th Ave and 5th Street

The Lilac Festival 2012 was the place to be a few weeks ago. After cruising up and down 4th Street, it was time to sit down and rest those tired feet. We decided to walk west on 17th Avenue and stumbled onto a coffee house at the corner of 17th Avenue and 5th Street. The place is called ‘Waves’ and they make some yummy stuff such as a Matcha Latte. This green concoction is made of matcha green tea powder, hot water and milk. It’s made like a capuccino and it is deliciously hot. They mix enough matcha green tea powder in it that makes the drink a little tart like tea should be. The milk in it makes it smooth and delicate. It’s a must try if you’re in the area.

They have lots of soft lazy chairs to lounge in while you sip your drink. For more privacy, go upstairs and sit by the fireplace. There’s also a boardroom for rent if your group is too large for the sitting area.

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