Momoyama is the best

Salmon Teriyaki

Salmon Teriyaki

Momma knows best! And she is the best sushi and teriyaki house in Calgary. They only serve Uni or sea urchin in the weekend but most importantly, it has to be fresh and in season. When I came deliberately in the weekend to order my favourite dish, the sushi chef had to turn me away. He told me it’s not Uni season and they are bitter this time of year. That’s good to know because I do see Uni served in other Japanese restaurants. Perhaps they order it from somewhere else or they just don’t know better and they serve it to their customers anyways.

My favourite cooked food at Momoyama’s is their teriyaki chicken or their teriyaki salmon. If you order the latter, prepare yourself for a good serving of salmon. It’s usually not just one filet but you can get up to three filets. The chicken is plentiful too, again not just one breast but often it’s almost half a chicken worth of boneless meat. It’s not skinless but I rather them cook it and for you to remove it because it is more tasty that way and the meat stays tender throughout the grilling. The teriyaki dishes come with cooked cabbage and a broccoli for vegetables and miso soup to start.

The nigiri sushi is a good size. Not too big and not too small. The rice is usually soft and slightly warm. The sashimi is good too, with relatively fair sized pieces of fish. We like the salmon mostly but the tuna is good too.  Momoyama has lunch specials too and they like it if you can make reservations. They have a lot of take-outs and a lot of fans too!

Momo-Yama Sushi Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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