Thai Tai, But Not Really Thai

Tropical Chicken

Tropical Chicken

If you’re looking for good and authentic Thai food, then you’ll be disappointed at Thai Tai in the new Aspen shopping centre. My wife thinks she recognizes the hostess at the cashier that answers the phone and takes your money. She may be the owner of Bagolac, the Saigon restaurant near Chinook. The menu certainly looks Vietnamese and they certainly have the experience and expertise to cook up some good tasting food but it’s not Thai as the name suggests.

If you’re just looking to have curries then you’re in luck because they do serve all three types of curry. Green curry, yellow curry and red curry are all available with your choice of meat, chicken, pork or beef. I didn’t see if tofu was available or not but I would suspect so.

I ordered the Sweet, Sour, Salty Beef and my wife ordered the Tropical Chicken. It comes with rice and vegetables. We chose brown rice over white rice but you can order special coconut rice for $1 extra.

I loved my dish but I was afraid that I would be hungry when I left the restaurant. The beef slices were thin but there was enough veggies to help fill the void. The Tropical Chicken looked like any stir-fry with pineapple, onions, red peppers, carrots and baby corn.

Would we recommend it? For authentic Thai food, go somewhere else. For Vietnamese food, yes because they serve Pho, vermicelli dishes and a few dishes that you would find in any Vietnamese restaurant including those tasty subs.

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4 thoughts on “Thai Tai, But Not Really Thai

  1. Thai Tai has never, ever claime to be Thai. Thai is a surname in Vietnam (as in the name of noted Toronto Vietnamese chef Tom Thai) and that’s where it comes from. It’s also, I’ve heard, an effort to make people confuse Thai Tai with Thi Thi, the outstanding banh mi place in Chinatown. Thai Tai is Vietnamese, specializing in Banh Mi.

  2. I used to frequent the original Thai Tai on 17ave and talked to the original owner of Thai Tai and it is actually the Vietnamese names of his 2 sons. It is not pronounced “Thai Thai” like everyone thinks but the second part is pronounced differently. So for all that are thinking they are a Thai Restaurant, they are not. If the food they serve doesn’t give it away, it says it right on their windows and menu that they are a Vietnamese restaurant and I’m sure they are not trying to pass themselves off as a Thai restaurant.

    • I agree with you that they are not trying to pass themselves of as a Thai restaurant. I’m merely suggesting to readers not to judge a cuisine by its name like I did.

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