Buddha’s Veggie

Sweet and Sour (Mock) Pork

Sweet and Sour (Mock) Pork

If you’re a carnivore then Buddha’s Veggie is not for you unless you want to pay the same as your meat dishes. I can’t understand how the non-meat version of Ginger Beef can cost as much as the real thing but at Buddha’s Veggie, it is. In the past, I used to take my vegetarian friends here and feast on popular meat dishes such as Sweet and Sour Pork or Ginger Beef.

As a meat eater, I can tell you that the taste is there but when you bite into the mock pork pieces, all you get is fried gluten. There’s no substance inside for you to chew on like the real thing. For the price they are charging, they should put something inside such as crumbled up dollar bills. At least you don’t feel ripped off when you eat a whole plate of dough.

The Ginger Beef is the same. The taste resembles the real dish but the fried sticks are so crispy, there’s no fun chewing on them. As a veggie restaurant, I wanted more authentic vegetarian dishes with fried tofu or bean curd. Instead, they are into making counterfeit vegetarian food.

We were also disappointed to be charged $1.50 for a pot of hot water. We complained but the waitress just shrugged her shoulders. I just took it out of their tip.

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Best Gyro Sandwich

Gyro Sandwich at Opa!

Gyro Sandwich at Opa!

When we think of Santorini, we think of the best gyro sandwich we have ever had. With that craving in mind, we tried the Opa! Souvlaki fast food restaurant in the Southeast on Heritage Meadows and had the second best gyro sandwich.

The Gyro sandwich featured a nicely toasted pita bread, wrapped around a skewer of meat  and topped off with a healthy serving of taziki sauce. You have a choice of greek salad or fries that comes with your sandwich. I recommend lamb but if you prefer, chicken is good too.

As for the salad, it is absolutely delicious. Nice morsels of tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green peppers and feta cheese. The dressing is light and is the best part. Service is awesome!

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Before I forget, the 12th Annual Greek Festival is this weekend. It runs from Friday 12:00 noon to Sunday at 6:00pm at the Hellenic Community Centre located at 1 Tamarac Crescent SW. Entry is $5.00 and kids under 12 gets in free. We’re going to be there on Sunday so see you all there!