Million Dollar View

Driving Range at Shaganappi Point

Driving Range at Shaganappi Point

You can go to any driving range in the city but there is only one range that has the One Million dollar view, Shaganappi Point. The range has a spectacular view of Calgary’s city core. Located just 7 minutes from the core of the city, the Shaganappi Point range is owned by the city. Jumbo buckets go for $12.50 and smaller buckets go for $6.50. The jumbo bucket has 100 balls, enough for you to practice your drives and your irons. The smaller bucket is good to warm up on before a game.

Shaganappi Point has a full 18-hole course and the Valley 9 for beginners or players that don’t want to invest 4-5 hours for a 18-hole round.

Best Cheese Buns

Cheese Buns

Cheese Buns

If you like cheese buns, you have to go to Glamorgan¬†Bakery on Richmond Road, just west of 37th Street SW. It’s almost next to Safeway with plenty of parking in front. The cheese buns are world famous and have been sent all over the world.

Glamorgan Bakery  is owned by the Nauta family since 1977 and is family-owned and run. Famous are the cheese buns because of the cheesy and buttery flavour. They come freshly baked in bags or you can buy them frozen, ready to make in your own oven.

For the health conscious, they also come in whole wheat. But if you want to buy them frozen, call ahead and ask for them because customers like them original.
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Yellow Billed Magpie

Yellow Billed Magpie

Yellow Billed Magpie

I was in Sacramento recently and my cousin Jane brought it to my attention that the Yellow-Billed Magpie could only be found in California. She drove us down to the river and we went for a walk with my camera. After a few minutes, we heard some rustling in the trees then suddenly a magpie swooped down from the sky. She directed me on taking a photo of it so I did.

Have you seen a magpie in Calgary lately? Next time you do, please take a photo of it and email it to me. Our email address is listed on the About Envy page. I will post the best shot and give credit to the photographer.

The magpies around here have a black bill. If you see a yellow billed one, let him know he’s north of California and he needs to return there.

Thai Boat – a real Thai Restaurant

Devil's Kiss

Devil’s Kiss

Bring your own fire extinguisher and thank me for the tip if you are going to order the Devil Kiss at Thai Boat in the NE. My wife and I love Thai food and don’t get enough of it in Calgary. One of the reasons is that Thai food can be really expensive here if you don’t know where to go. But at Thai Boat, you can leave with a smile on your face because your taste buds and wallet will thank you for the meal.

The Devil’s Kiss dish uses ground pork, mixed with hot Thai chilis and a special sauce. It’s delicious between dousing your tongue with iced water and waving your hand frantically for the waiter to keep the water coming. The dish comes with iceberg lettuce and sliced carrots which helps dampen the heat of the dish.

Another great dish is the Beef Salad which is mostly beef slices with a little bit of salad. It is tasty as usual but it lacks the lime and cilantro taste that I usually remember about this dish. Also with the lack of salad, you might want to use this as an entree.

Service is fast and dishes arrive promptly. It’s definitely one of our favourite Thai restaurants whenever we are in the Northeast.

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