OK Tires is better than OK

OK Tires on Richmond Road

OK Tires on Richmond Road

They say the safest time to change your winter tires over to your summers is after the long weekend in May. Well, I’m a late bloomer so I just had it done yesterday. I called Fountain Tire near Westbrook Mall and they couldn’t fit me in. Maybe everyone is a late bloomer like me.

The problem with Fountain Tire is that they don’t make appointments. It is first-come-first-serve but they are happy if you can drop your vehicle off with them so they could get to it when they have time. This may work well with you if you work nearby or can take the bus to downtown and pick up your vehicle later. But for me, I can’t wonder for 8 hours around Westbrook Mall without a car.

I called OK Tire on Richmond Road near 29th Street SW. They charge the same as Fountain Tire but three things (2 positives, 1 negative): (a) they will book an appointment for you, (b) you can wait for the work to be done and (c) don’t give air miles.

I rolled in at 10am and rolled out at 10:45am. It was fast, affordable and with great service. I couldn’t recommend them enough so if you need tires changed over, ask for Mike or Stephen. They don’t give Air Miles like Fountain Tire do but they gave me a nice little pouch for my tire lock. Be sure to ask for yours and if you don’t have a tire lock, use it as your change purse.


Closed Shaw-Nee Slopes

Shaw-Nee Golf Course

Shaw-Nee Golf Course

We no longer have a community golf course in the southwest, affectionately known as Shaw-nee Slopes to many of us who loved golfing there. In October 2011, Shaw-Nee Slopes closed for redevelopment of the Shawnee Evergreen Community.

Looking at the developer website, they are planning to build houses on the land. But a lot of the natural areas such as the ponds will probably remain intact to allow new residents to take in the beauty of natural tree lined green space and the wildlife that frequents the area.

The developers are correct when they said it is a bittersweet development. If you were a semi-private member of the golf course or played at this beautiful  golf course then your feelings are probably closer to being bitter. I know I am bitter and sad that we need more inner city land for more houses in Calgary.