2012 Ferrari Seen Around Town

Tail lights of a Ferrari

Tail lights of a Ferrari

Someone in the city is making too much money and he is driving around in a brand new 2012 Ferrari. I’ve seen him twice in the same week. He was driving up 8th Avenue towards 8th Street and today, he was going up Bow Trail towards Sarcee Trail. I came up alongside with my VW Passat and peeked in. He had a passenger with him and he wasn’t that old. He was probably in his mid 40’s and well dressed.

Once the light changed, he reved up his engine but he had nowhere to go. There were too much cars in front of him but he could have changed lanes and gave some of us a show. It would have been worth a ticket to rev up those engines and tear up Bow Trail.

The 2012 Ferrari starts at $257,000. The Ferrari FF model sells for $295,000. Who drives one of these around Calgary? Where does one buy a Ferrari in Calgary? I decided to look around on the internet and found that Kijiji has a listing of a few Ferrari’s ranging from $19,999.00 to $259,900.00. Ok, so I found private sellers of the vehicle. Next, I need to mortgage my house in order to afford one of these babies.

Next life, maybe.

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