Glow in the Dark Fries

Serengetti Platter

Serengetti Platter

We’ve eaten at the Short Pants Plaza for many years, mostly for pita pies at the Village Bakery. This time it was different because someone had mentioned to me that Safari Grill was a great place for African food. So we were game!

Decked out in earth tones with zebra printed tablecloths and chairs, Safari Grill restaurant could sit a large party and have room left over. The food was surprisingly good. The menu had a mix bag of African dishes, Indian dishes and Filipino appetizers. We went with something called Kachori which were four fried balls with lentil filling. It was served with a variety of dipping sauces ranging in heat level. I liked the green sauce but the red sauce had the biggest kick.

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My wife ordered the Lamb Chops but later were told that they were all out of it. She was disappointed.

I had the Serengetti Platter which came with corn, chicken and a skewer of beef. The chicken was grilled with tandori sauce and the beef was marinated with Afro spices. The corn had a kick too but not like the fries which were drenched with the hottest red sauce on earth. The fries were called pilipili fries and I would avoid that the next time. They were glow in the dark red and looked scary. But they were ok for eaters who can take a little heat. I can say, if you can take Suicide wings at Ed’s, you can probably eat these.

A plate of naan were served alongside. By the time we ate our food, it was hard to think of having dessert. The food was all delicious and we have to come back for the lamb chops that people seem to like. It was an adventure that we were glad to had experienced.

3 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark Fries

  1. Pilipili fries *means* fiery hot fries. One of the failings of this place is the service, especially if you get served by the owner (it’s a guy). Speaks little and doesn’t explain much. If you, as a new customer, order pilipili fries, they should have explained them to you. Agree that the food in general is good.

  2. To Anony Moose, do you have a grudge on the owner of Safari grill? It seems that whoever wrote safari grill you’re answering them by saying that everything is the owner’s fault. Seriously, why would you go around the Internet talking about other people behind their back, saying exact same words every website where their is safari grill. If you hate him you are free to express it. Do it in an educated way not by hiding over the Internet and browsing Safari Grill.

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