Bow to the King of Buildings

Petro Canada Tower and the Bow

Petro Canada Tower and the Bow

The Calgary Tower used to be the tallest structure in Calgary. Then Petro Canada built its tower a little taller and gave way to taller and bigger buildings such as the Bow which is now the tallest building in Calgary.

Employees of Encana Corporation and Cenovus Energy have been moving into the Bow since February of this year, but not all employees got new digs. Our friends in the Information Technology department ended up in the building next to the Husky Tower on 8th Avenue. It must suck every time they have meetings at the Bow. All they can do is to envy those who work out of there.

The Bow cost an incredible 1.4 billion dollars to build. It has 58 floors in total but only 53 floors are used for offices. Two floors are reserved for retail and four floors for mechanical. One green innovation is that the Bow has 3 sky gardens which are embedded in the buildings and allow office workers to stroll through or to sit down for coffee and meditate.

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