Peking Garden has Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Have you ever been in a Chinese restaurant and watched the table next to you chow down duck skin wrapped in a pancake filled with a slice of cucumber and a stalk of green onions? If so, it was us. I have to admit that I love the Peking Duck dish but if my doctor knew, he would give me a lecture of my life. He would tell me that it is very high in cholesterol and fat and how bad it is for my arteries.

The Peking Duck dish usually is served in three meals. The dish you see here is the main course. You’re given steamed pancakes to use as a wrap. You start by smearing hoisin sauce on your pancake. Next you take a slice of duck skin and place it in the middle of the pancake. Before you wrap it up, you put a slice of cucumber and a stalk of green onions in it. Wrap it together and enjoy.

After carving the duck, they throw the duck carcass into a hot pot of water for soup. This is the second meal. Any meat left over from the carve is tossed into noodles making it the third meal. Other restaurants will use the meat in a fried rice mixture.

At Peking Garden in the NW, just north of Market Mall, you can order the Peking Duck dish. There’s not a lot of restaurants that offer this exotic dish so if you get a chance, order it and enjoy. Btw, this is considered a banquet dish that is served at weddings and special occasions. To us, every day is a special occasion.

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