Fatayers – My New Craving

Little Lebanon

Little Lebanon

I have a new craving and I’m off to the Little Lebanon for lunch! Last week when we visited this awesome eatery, we noticed a fresh supply of Fatayers on these wooden racks. Fatayers are triangular pastries that contain tasty stuffing such as chicken, beef, potato and donair meat. When you arrive late, most of the fatayers are bagged and stored in the fridge. They’re ok when heated but they’re not as good as when they are fresh out of the oven.

For fatayer lovers, they are cooked everyday at 10am. I would urge you to go there early to pick up a dozen or two. I recommend the chicken because they’re the best tasting treat. The spinach ones aren’t that good but for vegetarians, they do contain a nice healthy portion of spinach in them.

My wife loves packing them for lunch. She takes three to four of them to work, heat them up in the microwave and devours them. I could eat half a dozen easy but I rather combine it with a shwarma, meat pie or a donair for lunch.

Next time you’re in the neighbourhood (south of Westbrook Mall), drop in, say hello, have a baklava and some fatayers.


Hyatt Mercedes Service – Kudos to Cody

Hyatt Mercedes Service Center

Hyatt Mercedes Service Center

First impressions count but I usually give multiple chances before writing anyone off. With just two Mercedes-Benz dealers in Calgary, I had to call one of them about installing a block heater cord (I know I had plenty of time before winter but in Calgary, you can never be safe. And I rather be safe than sorry.)

Both service departments answered my questions about the cord, lying to me that it only costs $40. I was ready to buy one and send it back to Kelowna for refund because I had paid $107 for it.

I asked whether someone like me could install it. Lone Star said it was easy. Hyatt Mercedes said it was a little tricky and if I dropped by, they would help me with it. I took them up on this after asking for directions to their new service centre. They said it was under the Crowchild bridge and they were right. To get there, drive west on 10th Avenue on the rightmost lane. Go past the two turnoffs, one to Bow Trail and the other to Crowchild Trail. Stay right and when you see Mercedes-Benz, go down the road to your right and you’re there.

Cody greeted me at the Hyatt Mercedes-Benz service bay, took my car to the back as I waited in the waiting area for about 15 minutes. When my car appeared, Cody popped my hood and showed me where it was installed and told me they installed it free of charge. For that, I am rating Hyatt Mercedes – AWESOME. Kudos to Cody for AWESOME customer service.


EDO, Not so-awesome

Edo Japan at Crowfoot Village

Edo Japan at Crowfoot Village

I’ve been trying to write a good review for the Edo Japan Restaurant that I tried this weekend but the words just don’t flow. I’ve had meals at Edo Japan before, mostly from mall locations but this time, we decided to sit down at the Crowfoot Village location. Edo Japan is famous for its teriyaki sauce and so their Teriyaki Chicken was my choice. My wife chose the Teriyaki Beef. The bill came out to about $15 without drinks.

When our meal was ready, we chowed down in a hurry because we were pressed for time. We had to run off for a golf game in the NW and tee off time was coming up fast. Regarding my meal, it was just ok. I used to remember how filling this dish was. Now, it’s just an appetizer. The chicken was cut thin and were no larger than a postage stamp. The beef was similar, cut very thin and had very little nutritional value.

The taste was great but it wasn’t enough for lunch. If it wasn’t for time, we would have ordered some yakisoba to share and possibly some sushi. This was a disappointment for us. The servings from the original menu is enough for kids but not for hungry adults. I trust the bento boxes would had been better but we weren’t prepared to pay $12+ for lunch because we’re cheap.