Illusionists from Down Under

Adam Stabs Box with Selina inside

Adam Stabs Box with Selina inside

Click here and watch this. Don’t blink or else you’ll miss it. Adam and Selina Murby are a brother and sister team from Australia. They are illusionists and are awesome to say the least. If you are in YYC this week, head on down to the Stampede and catch their show. It’s amazing!

Adam will put Selina in a box, stab wooden spears from all sides. When you think no one is in the box, a hand emerges from the top of the box. Adam continues to stab more wooden spears including one from the top to the bottom then later, after Adam removes all the spears, Selina emerges from the box unharmed.

Adam also invites a participant from the crowd and performs the Chinese Linking Rings which is always entertaining, but the metamorphesis trick is something else. Selina gets into a box with a clear front glass. Adam gets on top of the box with a curtain. He lifts it up to cover himself then in a second, Selina drops the curtain. They have switched places in a second. Amazing!

At the Stampede, you can line up after the show to have your photo taken with them. Or you can purchase their poster and they will autograph it for $5.



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