Golf Balls for Sale

Mesh of Golf Balls

Mesh of Golf Balls

Summer is out and Fall is in. For those golf die-hards, be sure to bring plenty of golf balls if you decide to play a course with lots of trees because it will be hard to find your balls if it happens to roll underneath a leaf. There is no coloured ball that you can buy that is going to be easier to spot in the leaves. Forget the yellow ones. They will just blend in nicely like a chameleon. Forget the orange ones too. Some leaves turn orange and reddish brown. If you’re going to insist on a coloured ball then choose blue, silver or stay with white.

Losing a golf ball these days is ridiculous. Why not spend $20 at Wal-mart and buy yourself a mesh bag of 40 balls? They are used balls but what the heck?! If you lose one, so what?

Btw, all city courses in Calgary (McCall Lake, Confederation Park and Shaganappi) have a sale on driving range balls – save $4 off a jumbo bucket when you purchase tokens after 3pm. Regular price is $12.75 so with the sale, it’s only $8.75.

TRS for Land Rovers

If you are like the Queen of England and own a fleet of Land Rover vehicles then you probably pay exuberant prices for parts and service for your Land Rover Discovery, LR3, Defender, Freelander, Series I, II and III or the new Evoque. An oil change at the only authorized Land Rover dealership in Calgary will run you about $250. For that, you get to wait in their comfortable sales centre on Glendeer Circle among all the new Land Rover vehicles. At your leisure, you can walk around and see what the new ones cost and how slick they look when they are new. If the car wash boy is available and doing nothing, he will wash your car but that’s not a guarantee. ¬†They say it’s weather permitting but many times, they opt out doing it because of some lame reason such as it’s too late or they can’t find the sponge.

If you have a nagging problem with your Land Rover, don’t sign up for a ‘search and rescue’ appointment with them unless you have deep pockets. They charge a whopping $139 per hour for service and charge you a minimum of one hour for a road test before peeking underneath the hood. And there is no guarantee that they will find it. Remember that they would have to find the problem first before they can assess the damage. The time clock will continue to wind down until they ring up the register. A simple hourly fix can easily turn into a half day charge. An oil charge service with a 10-point inspection is easily a $350 bill.

In Calgary, we are lucky to have TRS or The Rover Shop. Owned and operated by Vern, their bread and butter totally involves repairing Land Rovers and nothing else. They are not authorized by Land Rover Canada but Vern uses Land Rover authorized parts and he knows a lot about Land Rovers. For starters, he charges roughly $120 for an oil change and you will get an inspection of the vehicle as part of the service. His shop opens at 8am and if you drop off your vehicle overnight or first thing in the morning, he can get you out of there in half an hour. If you want him to find your nagging problem, you’re only paying $100 per hour and he will probably find it.

Hopefully the Queen of England sees this post. With the amount of Land Rovers she owns, she can save a royal mint on car maintenance.


Cafe Momoko

Beef Yakisoba

Beef Yakisoba

With the leaves turning yellow, you know winter is around the corner for us. On my endless quest for good food in Calgary, we decided it was time to try Cafe Momoko, a neighbourhood eatery on Weston Drive, just across the street from West Springs. Walking in, we were delighted with its decor. It is cozy and comfortable with soft plushy seats, glass tables and wrought iron furniture.

We had a craving for Japanese food but the menu also had Korean dishes too. The lunchtime menu caught our eye because of the prices but it was well into dinner so these dishes were unavailable. Shucks!

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We ordered a number of rolls and the Beef Yakisoba. We found it a tad sweet for our liking. The rolls were nicely presented and the fish seem fresh which is a mandatory for us. Sushi and sashimi needs to be fresh and not fishy in any way. We noticed something different with the rolls here. They used lettuce and a green tobiko instead of the red or orange types that we are used to seeing. The green tobiko reminded me of the fresh wasabi that were served to us at Ken of Japan in Simi Valley.

The service is awesome. The owner/ waiter/ chef is genuinely friendly and seems to want to know their customers’ response to the menu, taste and presentation. After serving us, dried peas in a package from Taiwan, he mentioned that he tried buying it in bulk but decided against serving it because he didn’t want his customers to think that he was reusing the peas. We told him the dried peas were tasty and he should continue serving them this way.

For those of you who are interested in these packaged dry peas, they are available at the Canadian Superstore in World aisle.

Shanghai Wonderful

Taro Buns

Taro Buns

When in Vancouver, one of the most popular restaurants in Richmond is Shanghai Wonderful located across the street from the Lansdowne mall.

It’s an adventure having dim sum at Shanghai Wonderful when no one from your group grew up in Shanghai. There’s no chicken feet, shrimp dumplings or duck tongue but a whole new array of dishes like taro buns, deep fried sliced buns with condensed milk, green onion pancakes and famous Shanghai dumplings. Also, try fried rice cakes with pork and without pork. Both are delicious and are must try’s.

Rice Cakes

Rice Cakes