Wonder What?



If you drive by the Bow, you are likely going to see a work of art but what is it?

From the streets, it looks like a wireframe object like something out of the Tron movie or the Wizard of Oz.

I’m told by a passerby that the artist is Jaume Plensa and he is world famous. The artist is from Barcelona, Spain and you might be familiar with some of his work but unfortunately, I’m not. The steel mesh in front of the Bow will be 12-metre tall and that of a little girl. It’s called Wonderland. I wonder why he called it that? If I heard the name, I would have looked out for a globe or something that depicts what the name suggests.

I’m not sure why the city chose this to be in front of Encana’s Bow building. But someone had an idea, but who? I was expecting something more Oil and Gas like a oil derrick or a huge Bellagio style fountain. Now that would have been a sight. In the summer, they could blast the water as high as the building and in the winter, it can be one giant icicle. We could have called it ‘Wonder of Water.’

I’m not knocking Plensa’s work. I’m sure it’s going to look spectacular here in YYC. Other works of art that Plensa has created include the Crown Fountain in Chicago’s Millenium Park. Maybe I shared a thought with Plensa…hmmm.

2 thoughts on “Wonder What?

  1. The city had nothing to do with this sculpture. Encana/Cenovus commissioned it and they wanted it, a fine, beautiful piece of public art, to add to the prestige of their world headquarters of course- itself one of the finest skyscraper in North America.

    • Yes of course. You’re right about that but I’m sure Encana/ Cenovus had to file for permits so the city had the chance to approve/ disapprove the work of art.

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