Getting Prickly

Meat of Prickly Pears

Meat of Prickly Pears

I am on my way out to Superstore to pick up more of these prickly pears. Have you tried them yet? If not, I urge you to read a blog on squidoo about the prickly pear. I did and look at me, I am hoarding them wherever I see them because they are good.

At Superstore, they sell them for 58 cents each or 50 cents each if you buy them in multiples. After reading this post on Squidoo, I decided to try it.

The sound of watermelon and bubble gum had me excited so I decided to pick some up. With a glove and knife, I peeled back the skin and the red fruit appeared. It had the texture of a pear but colour of a really sweet watermelon.

I cut it up into pieces and tried one. Interesting. It was like biting into a pear but it tasted like a watermelon. It would be been better if they came seedless because the seeds are a pain in the you-know-what. They say you can swallow the seeds but they do get in the way.

I sliced open a second one, hoping to find a way to remove the seeds. It was tough but possible. Another variation is to juice it. Put the whole thing in a juicer and extract the juice which will dye your clothes if you’re not careful. It can even dye your hands if you’re not wearing gloves. The juice is nice and light and reminds me of a watermelon slush. And strangely enough, the bubble gum taste is there too.

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