Great Taste awaits you in Chinatown


Roast Duck

Is anyone else disappointed in our Chinatown? I’ve been here for over 25 years and I swear there were more Chinese vendors before than now. Please show your support by ‘liking’ my post if you agree. It used to be the central place to go for Chinese food and to buy Chinese ingredients for my cooking. Now it’s hard to find anyone who speaks Chinese in Chinatown. The energy is just not there anymore.

When Chinese New Year came about, I went down to celebrate it at the Cultural Centre. I hope you did too. Gung Yee Fat Choy to you too! Before getting into the crowded centre, we went for lunch on 2nd Ave. at a place called Great Taste Chinese Restaurant. My sister-in-law read the name to me in Chinese but it didn’t sound like anything close to Great Taste.

Was it great tasting food? You can say it was. We ordered what adjacent tables ordered and were pleased. We had two rice cake dishes, one in soup and one fried. I like the fried one better because I heard the one in soup was mushy. The duck was delicious. It came served with bread dumplings, the kind that you order at Shanghai restaurants. The duck was crispy and was nicely marinated. Skip the dipping salt if you’re on a low-sodium diet because it is quite salty. The duck is good with the dumplings or with rice.
Great Taste Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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