A Jovial Nite with Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

I miss attending concerts and so when Bon Jovi came to town, I picked up some cheap tickets for $10 and enjoyed a night of music from up high. I didn’t even know there were seats up there. They called it the Media Section but I was as high as the guy who operates the spotlights.

The one thing I don’t do anymore is to spend big money on concert tickets. I’m through lining up at ticket booths for tickets or fighting the crowd online. I don’t want to pay more than a CD for a few hours of blasting my eardrums.

Jon was very good that night. Of course, I was hoping to see Richie Sambora but he had to cancel out at the last minute. Jon had said something about him not being able to play for a long, long time. And he added that he was ok, not being at a hospital or hurt. For Richie not showing up, Jon did an awesome thing. He donated $100,000 to the Calgary Homeless Society. Good of him for doing that. Awesome!

Jon has aged since the last time I saw him but he still can hit the notes. He sang a few of his classics such as “It’s my Life”, “Living on a Prayer”, “Wanted Dead or Alive” and he sang a few new hits from his Because We Can album.

I’m looking forward to the next concert where I can score some cheap tickets.