Great Fishing Hole

Glenmore Reservoir

Glenmore Reservoir

I’ve been looking for a nice fishing hole for a long time and think I’ve found it. Unfortunately, it looks like the rest of Calgary have found it too.

According to the Outdoors Men Forum, people have been catching nice sized rainbow trout. I personally don’t care to eat trout only because I think there’s too many bones but it’s fun fishing and letting the fish go, unless you’re standing next to someone who is fishing for dinner.

If you want a great fishing hole, head to Glenmore Park by getting onto Crowchild Trail and drive south. When you see the rowing club on your left, turn in to the parking lot and get your gear together. Head down to the back of the rowing club where there is a floating pier. A lot of kayakers and canoe enthusiasts launch from this pier.

Fishing is good just south of the floating pier. On most days, you will find a number of people fishing off the shore. It’s a beautiful way to spend a Sunday, sitting there fishing and looking at Heritage Park across the way.

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