Where’s Bobby?

Beef Chunks

Beef Chunks

The best dish in the house is clearly, Beef Chunks with Bobby Chao’s Special Sauce. The restaurant is Bobby Chao Pho House and it is located on 53rd Street in Edgemont. The food is tasty and the prices are reasonable but their service sucks!

This was our second visit in two weeks and we were disappointed with the service or lack of. On our first visit, we ordered bubble tea and dinner for four. After a half an hour, half of our bubble tea order came but no food. After 45 minutes, the first dish arrived and it was the BBQ Pork. Not knowing when the other dishes were going to arrive, we asked for some white rice. After another 15 minutes, the other bubble teas came but we told them we were still waiting for the rice. Another 10 minutes passed and finally, the waitress almost threw the rice container at us. She was in a hurry to get to another table. When every table around us were fully into their meal, the second dish we ordered was served. It would take over two hours to have our dinner.

Our second visit wasn’t much better. We decided to go for an early supper and sat down at 4:30pm. The restaurant was empty at the time as we put in an order for bubble tea and about three dishes including the Beef Chunks with the special sauce. Again, the bubble teas took about half an hour. Another couple sat down behind us and ordered. Twenty minutes later, their order was served as we sat disgusted. We inquired about our order and they said it was coming. After another twenty minutes, the couple who came in after us had finished their meal and left the restaurant. We flagged the waitress down and inquired about our dishes. She kept saying it was coming but there was sign of any food coming out of the kitchen. “Where’s Bobby?”, we asked. She just shrugged her shoulders.
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Quiet, eh?

Quiet Sign

Quiet Sign

It was great seeing our mayor on Sunday at the Shaw Charity Classic when he presented the winner, Rocco Mediate with a white hat. It was quite the presentation with Rocco looking nervous as though he had to do the hoky-poky in front of a cheering crowd. Before giving it to him, we all had to shout a loud “Yahoo!”.

The tournament went really well and I think it gave the Champions Tour’s players a chance to see Calgary and to take in some western hospitality. Most of them were very gracious and they spoke highly of our downtown and the people that make up our fine city.

I had a chance to take a few pictures on Wednesday at the Pro-Am and to get autographs. I walked with Mark O’Meara and Jay Haas for a number of holes then switched over to Esteban Toledo and our own Canadian, Dave Barr. I enjoyed chatting with Fred Funk and told him I enjoyed his commercial with the “skinny jeans”.

All of us were treated to a free Greek yogurt from Liberte. And kids were given stuffed space creatures from Shaw. There were plenty of Big Rock beer on ice and lots of action around Fred Couples who was the crowd’s favourite for the week.

One question I have, who designed the trophy?