Takes your Breath Away

One of the most scenic spots showing off our city is from the 10th hole on the Shaganappi Golf Course. From the tee box, you can’t help but admire the view. As a golfer, you don’t know whether to grab your camera or your driver. No other place in the city gives you such a breathtaking view of the skyline. And at this time of the year, rafters can been seen drifting down the river. It truly is a wonderful sight. Makes me feel proud living in this city of ours.IMG_0460

Deer Neighbor

We live in the SW part of Calgary and we often see jackrabbits in our yard. But one day when we were visiting our family in Siena Park, he brought it to our attention that there were deer in his neighbor’s back yard. He told us that deer would often jump the fence and hang around all day and night. The strange thing is that his neighbor’s house is in the middle of a community instead of being close to the wilderness.IMG_0060