About Envy

I live in Calgary, Alberta in one of your 196 neighbourhoods that make up the vibrant city that we live in.

When I started YYC Envy,  I wanted to share what living in Calgary is like. I want to help promote local businesses and bring awareness to businesses that either provide exceptional customer service, unique products and services or restaurants that offer incredibly tasting food.

I enjoy travelling a lot and experiencing new cultures, new food and meeting new people. I will try to share some of my experiences in this blog.

Thanks for visiting my blog and “liking” my posts.

2 thoughts on “About Envy

  1. I was recently in Hawaii on Big Island and had passion fruit that I fell in love with. You write of it in your blog but do not say where to purchase it . Could you please let me know. Or if you have information on where to by passion fruit jelly, jam or butter that would work for me as well. Thanks in advance.

    • I’m glad you were adventurous enough to try the local fruits in Hawaii. It was on the Big Island that I too, tried the passion fruit and fell in love with. You can purchase them at your local Superstore which are wrapped in cellophane. They are not from Hawaii but from Colombia and they are sweeter than tart.

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