Fishing for Chips

Joey's Seafood, Westhills

Joey’s Seafood, Westhills

Some people refused to eat seafood in Calgary because Calgary is an inland city and far away from any ocean. On top of that, Calgary is known for its Alberta Beef but with the latest scare of E. Coli breakouts and XL Foods, people are favouring other kinds of food.

When I’m in the mood for fish and chips, I like to go to Joey’s Seafood.

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Joey’s Seafood has been around forever. Since moving here to Calgary in 1985, I was first introduced to it by my sister and loved it since. On Tuesdays, Joey’s has their All-U-Can-Eat fish and chip special. Their battered fish is nicely fried. Mostly fish and little batter is what I like to see. If you don’t like North Pacific Cod then go for the North Atlantic Haddock. I honestly can’t tell the difference, can you? I’ve heard for the true fish and chip lovers that halibut is the fish of choice. Again, I can’t tell the difference.

My wife enjoys the salmon dishes at Joey’s but if you’re not into fish, there is rotisserie chicken, ribs, sandwiches and wraps too. Their menu has everything from salad and soup to fish and chicken, so try it out for lunch or dinner.