Plaka Greek Taverna or Opa!

Plaka Greek Taverna Business Card

Plaka Greek Taverna Business Card

We had a craving for lamb so we decided to give Plaka Greek Taverna a try. Before mapping it out on my iPhone, we decided to check out the reviews for it and it seems like there are a lot of fans for the restaurant. The waiter greeted us at the door and led to us a table next to the window where there was plenty of light. Unlike a lot of Greek restaurants where it’s dark and only lit with tea lights, Plaka is bright and welcoming. Everything was decked out in blue and there were pictures on the walls of Santorini.

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To satisfy our craving for lamb, we found three dishes with lamb in it. Asking the waiter (Tony) for recommendations, he recommended the Roast Lamb, telling us how they simmer it overnight to make sure it is tasty and tender. He said this dish was the best lamb dish on the menu by far. Next was the Lamb Chops that he said was very good as well. When my wife decided to order that, he said they were out of it. She was disappointed to say the least.

There were souvlaki’s, calamari and moussaka. We wanted to try everything so we ordered the platter for two. It turned out pretty good, letting us try their lamb souvlakis, chicken souvlakis, greek salad, calamari and the moussaka. Everything was good but it was a tad expensive at $54 for the dish when compared to Opa! the fast food kiosk at various malls and locations throughout the city. Food quality and taste was about equal but Opa! doesn’t have the liquor licence so I’ll let you decide where to go.

Best Gyro Sandwich

Gyro Sandwich at Opa!

Gyro Sandwich at Opa!

When we think of Santorini, we think of the best gyro sandwich we have ever had. With that craving in mind, we tried the Opa! Souvlaki fast food restaurant in the Southeast on Heritage Meadows and had the second best gyro sandwich.

The Gyro sandwich featured a nicely toasted pita bread, wrapped around a skewer of meat  and topped off with a healthy serving of taziki sauce. You have a choice of greek salad or fries that comes with your sandwich. I recommend lamb but if you prefer, chicken is good too.

As for the salad, it is absolutely delicious. Nice morsels of tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green peppers and feta cheese. The dressing is light and is the best part. Service is awesome!

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Before I forget, the 12th Annual Greek Festival is this weekend. It runs from Friday 12:00 noon to Sunday at 6:00pm at the Hellenic Community Centre located at 1 Tamarac Crescent SW. Entry is $5.00 and kids under 12 gets in free. We’re going to be there on Sunday so see you all there!