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Business Card

This weekend, I wanted to wash our cars. I went down to the basement and turned on the water so that the outside faucets would work and water started sprinkling down on my head. The faucet had sprung a leak and there was no way to stop it from dripping. I knew this required a plumber.

I had the pleasure to meet Caleb Irvine of Irvine Plumbing and Heating. Caleb is a master plumber and master gasfitter. Caleb charges $39 for a service call which is very reasonable. Basically, it pays for his time to assess the situation and provide you an estimate for the fix. Before starting the work, Caleb will show you a chart that he has devised. Starting from the bottom of the page, he will tell you the level of complexity of the work required of him to perform. The more complex, the more money he has to charge. Caleb notes that the homeowner is always uneasy about what the work will cost, so he came up with this system that eases the homeowners’ mind. Frankly speaking, I wish all trades would follow Caleb’s chart.

To qualify for the WaterSense government grant of $50 per toilet, Caleb recommended the Toto-Drake toilet. He provided a very good quote to remove the toilets in the house and replace them with brand new Toto-Drakes. I can’t say enough about his recommendations and his work. It really speaks for itself. These toilets are quiet, efficient and the lids don’t slam when you accidentally drop them.

Today, he came and replaced the faulty faucet downstairs with a new unit for $99 (btw, he waived the $39 service call). It’s spanking new and looks great. On top of that, he asked if I drain my water line in the winter and I said no. He recommended a three step plan for me to take in the fall, showing me how to unscrew the drain plug and telling me to drain the line before winter. If there was a homeowner’s manual, Caleb would have written the chapter on plumbing. His advice is free and it will save homeowners like me, costly repairs in the future.

This is why I trust and recommend Caleb Irvine at Irvine Plumbing and Heating. He is fair, dependable, honest, upfront and very professional.