Buy Groceries at Sobey’s and Fly Business Class

Sobey's at Strathcona

Sobey’s at Strathcona

One of the best ways to fly internationally is in business class. There you are invited to the front of the plane where individual pods are assigned to travellers like you. It’s nice on a long trip to be treated like royalty or you can adjust your seat and convert it to a bed. You can either sit up and watch your personal entertainment device or lie back and sleep the miles away. Have I convinced you to fly business class? If so, sign up.

The place to sign up is at Sobey’s in their club Sobeys program. Every time you shop there, you can earn Aeroplan points. The thing I like about shopping at Sobey’s is when they have promotional days such as their Dollar Days. I have to admit, I hate broccoli, however for a buck a bag, I can stomach that. It’s actually pretty good in Chinese dishes like Beef and Broccoli or a hotpot with chicken, tofu, celery, green onions, carrots and mushrooms.

Many times a week, Sobey’s will have sale days where they will encourage some bulk buying on your part. As a reward, they will give you additional points. Last week for instance, I purchased two bottles of salsa verde (to make chili verde with pork). From that purchase, I earned 25 points. If you like tea, they were giving you 100 points if you bought 4 boxes. My pantry is full of tea and coffee so I skipped this deal. Bottom line is that everyone needs groceries and a vacation. It makes perfect sense to shop for groceries, earn your Aeroplan points to fly business class on your vacation.

AllShots Driving Range

AllShots Driving Range

AllShots Driving Range

Someone had the right idea when they bought land west of the city and put a driving range on it. In the summer, the family runs the business at AllShots Driving Range, offering PGA lessons and selling buckets of balls for practice and in the winter, they fly south to Arizona for some R&R.

Take the Old Banff Coach Road west, past all the housing communities, When you reach 101 Street, take a left and the range will be on your left. It’s surrounded by a chain link fence and if they’re open, drive in and get a parking spot.

Grab your golf bag and follow the path to the back of the house. Most people go through the back door to purchase tokens. There you will find covered stalls as well as open stalls. The covered stalls are best for windy or rainy conditions. On the southern side of the range, you will find some sand bunkers for practice. Also there is a putting green but they don’t like people chipping on it. The putting green is artificial and doesn’t give you an accurate roll. AllShots is really just a driving range. The mats are average and they don’t offer grass tees. A medium bucket has about 50 balls and sells for $10. There is no night lights for evening practice so when the sun sets, that’s it for the range.

Weekends are the most busy. Weekdays have light traffic so if you’re bored at work, come out here and hit some balls.

Closed Shaw-Nee Slopes

Shaw-Nee Golf Course

Shaw-Nee Golf Course

We no longer have a community golf course in the southwest, affectionately known as Shaw-nee Slopes to many of us who loved golfing there. In October 2011, Shaw-Nee Slopes closed for redevelopment of the Shawnee Evergreen Community.

Looking at the developer website, they are planning to build houses on the land. But a lot of the natural areas such as the ponds will probably remain intact to allow new residents to take in the beauty of natural tree lined green space and the wildlife that frequents the area.

The developers are correct when they said it is a bittersweet development. If you were a semi-private member of the golf course or played at this beautiful  golf course then your feelings are probably closer to being bitter. I know I am bitter and sad that we need more inner city land for more houses in Calgary.