Deer Neighbor

We live in the SW part of Calgary and we often see jackrabbits in our yard. But one day when we were visiting our family in Siena Park, he brought it to our attention that there were deer in his neighbor’s back yard. He told us that deer would often jump the fence and hang around all day and night. The strange thing is that his neighbor’s house is in the middle of a community instead of being close to the wilderness.IMG_0060

Beware! Hawk stealing Sunglasses

Beware Sign

Beware Sign

If you’re golfing at Lakeside Greens in Chestermere, be sure to take your sunglasses off your hat and put it away because there is an aggressive hawk that lives in the trees near hole # 2 and 3. There has been a lot of sightings and the marshal tells me that a large red tail hawk has been seen swooping down at golfers to take their sunglasses off their heads.

It looks like the hawk likes the Ray Bans more than the other brands. Rob who plays at Lakeside regularly tells us that his brand new pair of Oakley’s were lucky because the hawk swooped down and knocked his sunglasses off his head. The hawk didn’t take them like he did with his friend’s Ray Ban.

Manny who also plays at Lakeside Greens tells us that the hawk will leave golfers who don’t have sunglasses.

Oh! K-Country

Moose grazing in the meadows

Moose grazing in the meadows

One of the best places to see wildlife is K-Country or Kananaskis. Take 16th Avenue and head west out of town. Watch for signs to Kananaskis, take the exit and make a left turn. Drive south until Barrier Lake then stop for a photo. After Barrier Lake, there will be some spectacular scenery on your right. Pull over safely and take some photographs.

On our drive out yesterday, we saw two bambis. They were standing on the roadside so I slowly pulled over to the shoulder and turned on my hazards. We watched them and took several photos of them. After a while, they hopped across the road and into the trees.

We decided to drive further. After 10 minutes, I noticed a coyote running along the grassy area down from the highway. We didn’t stop but we admired his trot. Another 10 minutes and we noticed a line of cars parked to the right. We decided to join them and soon after, noticed that there was a moose grazing in the meadows.