Timmy’s Chili Knockoff

Tim Horton's Chili (Knockoff)

Tim Horton’s Chili (Knockoff)

Now that the ‘Rollup the Rim to Win’ contest is over, it’s time to get my coffee elsewhere. I was getting tired of lining up at those ridiculous lines every morning for a chance to win a new Rav or one of those cool BBQ’s. But this year, nada. I managed to win the odd latte or free donut but that’s about it. I think this year, Tim produced more cups that read ‘Play Again’ because every time I rolled up the rim, I kept reading this phrase over and over again.

Just to get even with Mr. Tim Horton, I scoured the internet for a Tim Horton’s Chili Recipe knock-off and plan to make my own instead of shelling out more money to Tim. In my opinion, I think the Tim Horton corporation has enough of my money.


The trick to Tim Horton’s chili is not to use tomato sauce, but tomato soup. Instead of pouring a can of Heinz tomato sauce into the mixture, pour two cans of Campbell’s tomato soup but don’t add water to dilute it.

Here’s the recipe for his chili, compliments of Food.com.

Thai Boat – a real Thai Restaurant

Devil's Kiss

Devil’s Kiss

Bring your own fire extinguisher and thank me for the tip if you are going to order the Devil Kiss at Thai Boat in the NE. My wife and I love Thai food and don’t get enough of it in Calgary. One of the reasons is that Thai food can be really expensive here if you don’t know where to go. But at Thai Boat, you can leave with a smile on your face because your taste buds and wallet will thank you for the meal.

The Devil’s Kiss dish uses ground pork, mixed with hot Thai chilis and a special sauce. It’s delicious between dousing your tongue with iced water and waving your hand frantically for the waiter to keep the water coming. The dish comes with iceberg lettuce and sliced carrots which helps dampen the heat of the dish.

Another great dish is the Beef Salad which is mostly beef slices with a little bit of salad. It is tasty as usual but it lacks the lime and cilantro taste that I usually remember about this dish. Also with the lack of salad, you might want to use this as an entree.

Service is fast and dishes arrive promptly. It’s definitely one of our favourite Thai restaurants whenever we are in the Northeast.

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Best Fries in the West

Jumbo Cup of fries

Jumbo Cup of fries

One of my favourite pastimes is to sit down in a mall with a jumbo cup of New York Fries, doused with white vinegar and their cajun chili powder. If you rather have malt vinegar instead, you can do so because they have both for you to choose. You can choose to pour it on at the counter or you can take the convenience packs with you and douse it when you sit down at a table.

I usually choose the hot cajun chili powder which they serve in vinegar jars. When they’re not looking, I screw off the lids and pour the powder into the small paper cups that are used for ketchup. This allows me to sprinkle more cajun powder on my fries when my taste calls for it.

New York fries are awesome compared to the fries that you get at Burger King, Wendy’s, A&W’s and Harvey’s. I can’t compare them to McDonald’s because I have a fond liking to them, even it they never break down in your stomach.

In my opinion, New York Fries rock! They are never soggy and they are a meal. You can find them at Market Mall, Southcentre and Chinook.