Field Stone Winery – Fruity wines

Field Stone Wines

Field Stone Wines

On our first visit to the Kingsland Farmer’s Market on Macleod Trail south, we discovered an Alberta winery that specializes in making fruit wines. Field Stone is the first business who was granted a licence under Alberta’s new cottage winery regulations. ¬†When asked about their location, they said they were situated near Strathmore. All their wines are made from 100% Alberta fruit. Almost 90% of the fruit are grown on the orchards near Strathmore.

Head out to the Kingsland Farmers Market from Thursday to Sunday and try out their wines. Try their fruit wines which ranges from dry to sweet. Or if you have sweet palate, try their dessert wines, especially the blackcurrant and raspberry.

Last week, they had a special where if you buy the Raspberry Fruit Wine at the regular price, you can buy the second bottle for 20% off. We asked about the dessert wines and they said the offer will be for the dessert wines. They will alternate throughout the summer with the different fruits, so here’s your chance to stock up on some delicious wines that are made locally.

We’re stocking up for Christmas stocking stuffers. I know it’s a long time from now but I think they will age nicely.