Warm up your Swing, Now

Before you head out for spring golf, you might want to warm up your swing in an indoor driving range first. You know, there are two indoor ranges in town. One in the SW and one in the NE. Both offer golfers the ability to hit golf balls indoors.

But I have a great deal for you. For the price of a large bucket of balls, you can hit as many balls as you want in an hour of time. Why be limited to the number of balls in a bucket? Get an hour for $16 instead of the original price of $29.40 in the NE dome. Click here to get this offer. But hurry before it sells out.

Golf Balls for Sale

Mesh of Golf Balls

Mesh of Golf Balls

Summer is out and Fall is in. For those golf die-hards, be sure to bring plenty of golf balls if you decide to play a course with lots of trees because it will be hard to find your balls if it happens to roll underneath a leaf. There is no coloured ball that you can buy that is going to be easier to spot in the leaves. Forget the yellow ones. They will just blend in nicely like a chameleon. Forget the orange ones too. Some leaves turn orange and reddish brown. If you’re going to insist on a coloured ball then choose blue, silver or stay with white.

Losing a golf ball these days is ridiculous. Why not spend $20 at Wal-mart and buy yourself a mesh bag of 40 balls? They are used balls but what the heck?! If you lose one, so what?

Btw, all city courses in Calgary (McCall Lake, Confederation Park and Shaganappi) have a sale on driving range balls – save $4 off a jumbo bucket when you purchase tokens after 3pm. Regular price is $12.75 so with the sale, it’s only $8.75.

D’Arcy Ranch – No Horsing Around

D'Arcy Ranch Golf Club

D’Arcy Ranch Golf Club

Don’t get fooled when you drive through the gates at D’Arcy Ranch in Okotoks and think that golf is easy as you drive through a flat piece of land. The late Jerry D’Arcy used to own this ranch and it was used as a quarter-horse operation. The maintenance shack was used for horse shows when Jerry was around. And by the way, Jerry was the president of the Calgary Stampede during the 1974-1975 season.

Hole # 1 is not an easy starting hole. It’s a straight fairway but there’s lots of trouble if you slice your tee shot right. It’s better to be straight or left. Hole # 2 is where they used to race the horses. Now, it’s a dog-leg right par 4 with a steep cliff in the back. Hole # 3 is a beauty. If not the signature hole, it should be. From the blue tees, golfers think it’s an easy birdie hole but when they have to navigate their shot avoiding the pond to the right, it’s a different story.

There is a large ravine that carves the whole course up. If you like elevation, hole # 3 is one of the holes that you can drop one club down. Another is hole # 16 and 18 where a good drive down the middle will reward the player because hitting the slope will cause the ball to trickle closer to the green, making the second shot easier.

It’s challenging but fair. The greens are in awesome shape and the twilight deals are hard to beat. For $53, you can spend time at the range, play 9 holes then sit down for a steak dinner.


AllShots Driving Range

AllShots Driving Range

AllShots Driving Range

Someone had the right idea when they bought land west of the city and put a driving range on it. In the summer, the family runs the business at AllShots Driving Range, offering PGA lessons and selling buckets of balls for practice and in the winter, they fly south to Arizona for some R&R.

Take the Old Banff Coach Road west, past all the housing communities, When you reach 101 Street, take a left and the range will be on your left. It’s surrounded by a chain link fence and if they’re open, drive in and get a parking spot.

Grab your golf bag and follow the path to the back of the house. Most people go through the back door to purchase tokens. There you will find covered stalls as well as open stalls. The covered stalls are best for windy or rainy conditions. On the southern side of the range, you will find some sand bunkers for practice. Also there is a putting green but they don’t like people chipping on it. The putting green is artificial and doesn’t give you an accurate roll. AllShots is really just a driving range. The mats are average and they don’t offer grass tees. A medium bucket has about 50 balls and sells for $10. There is no night lights for evening practice so when the sun sets, that’s it for the range.

Weekends are the most busy. Weekdays have light traffic so if you’re bored at work, come out here and hit some balls.

Million Dollar View

Driving Range at Shaganappi Point

Driving Range at Shaganappi Point

You can go to any driving range in the city but there is only one range that has the One Million dollar view, Shaganappi Point. The range has a spectacular view of Calgary’s city core. Located just 7 minutes from the core of the city, the Shaganappi Point range is owned by the city. Jumbo buckets go for $12.50 and smaller buckets go for $6.50. The jumbo bucket has 100 balls, enough for you to practice your drives and your irons. The smaller bucket is good to warm up on before a game.

Shaganappi Point has a full 18-hole course and the Valley 9 for beginners or players that don’t want to invest 4-5 hours for a 18-hole round.