Good Will (Hunting)

It’s scary to hear that a lot of you will die without a will. People who pass through the pearly gates without a will are known as ‘intestate’. I know what you are thinking. Everything you have owned will go to your spouse and family, right? Sadly, no.

According to the laws in this country, if you are intestate then all your belongings on earth will be decided by the court. They will assign someone to take care of it and if you like the way our province is run then you will like the way they will use your money. I know it sounds bizarre but it’s true. Google it if you don’t believe me.

After I found that more than 56% of Canadians will die without a will, I started wondering how I could change that. I thought, ‘hmmm, I have a blog that I can use to communicate this.” So here I am, communicating it to you. I plan to change my email signature to get the message out too. I think you should do the same. You know, tell 2 friends and they will tell 2 friends and so on.

I know my excuse up to now was pretty lame. What is your excuse? Too busy? Too expensive? No time to see a lawyer? Too young? No assets? No house? No car?

Well, I made it easy by finding an online service that will let your create a will in 3 easy steps, print it and store it in their vault for up to 10 years. After that, you can extend the time or print it out and move it to your own safety deposit box. Keep it online if you plan to change it over time or if you win the lottery and need to change the beneficiaries.

To make it easy and affordable, I have made friends at (Canada), (US), (UK), (Other) and they will give you 10% off their prices when you enter the reference code ‘a1040285444’. I hope you do follow up and get yourself a will. Lets lower that 56% to 0%. Pass it on.