Cleanse your wallet

Community Natural Foods

Community Natural Foods

If you need another reason to clean out your wallet, go shop at the Community Natural Foods. Don’t get me wrong, I love organic and natural foods but I think we pay too much money for it here in Canada.

One of the aisles that I love shopping at is dried fruit and nuts aisle. Recently I found a tasty treat that I have been stocking up on. Dried persimmons are interesting and addictive. They have sliced the persimmon from top to bottom then dehydrated the slices. Coming from a natural food store, there are no preservatives, no added sugars, etc. Even the skins are intact. The persimmons sell for $2.49 per kg. and each container averages from mid $2 range to high $5 range. Each container contains about 1-2 persimmons at the most. Fresh persimmons sell for $1 for 3 at Superstore, so dried persimmons are sold at a premium this time of year.

Another tasty treat are dried mangos from Mexico. These consists of slices from ripe mangoes. Again, no preservatives, no added sugars, etc. I found the mangos to be a little on the roughage side. Some slices are of great dietary fiber so they’re good for you in other ways. These mangos sell for $2.99 per kg. whereas the fresh mangos sell for as little as $7 per box (of 6 large mangos). Again, these are sold at a premium.

There are a number of healthy cereals on the shelves, ranging from $5 to $12. I personally think that’s too much to spend on cereal, no matter how organic or natural it is. That’s outrageous at $12 per box.