Set your target to Target

Target Store

Target Store

I’ve been waiting patiently for a Target store to open near me and finally, the wait is over. The Target at Westhills opened its doors this week and I had the chance to check it out. A lot of Target locations in Calgary had opened weeks and months ago but for some reason, this location took forever. Interesting enough, I was just at a Target store in Palm Desert, CA a few days ago and so I had a lot to compare with.

First of, everything looks good. All the shelves are stocked full of goods and there are plenty of Target employees around in case you’re looking for something and can’t find it. Second, I think the prices are pretty good and comparable to our neighbours in the south.

Here’s some comparisons:

  • Nitro golf balls – case in CA sold for $6.99, here it’s slightly more at $7.99
  • Polysporin – tube sold for $8.99, here it’s the same.
  • Aveeno body wash – bottle in CA sold for $5.94, here it’s the same.
  • Basa fillets – bag sold at Superstore for $9.99, here it’s the same.

Third, the Target stores are packed with people in CA which does not compare with us. There were less than 10 of us in the store all morning. Perhaps everyone in the surrounding area were unaware of the opening and I think by the weekend, there will be more people checking it out. I hope you do.

Buy Groceries at Sobey’s and Fly Business Class

Sobey's at Strathcona

Sobey’s at Strathcona

One of the best ways to fly internationally is in business class. There you are invited to the front of the plane where individual pods are assigned to travellers like you. It’s nice on a long trip to be treated like royalty or you can adjust your seat and convert it to a bed. You can either sit up and watch your personal entertainment device or lie back and sleep the miles away. Have I convinced you to fly business class? If so, sign up.

The place to sign up is at Sobey’s in their club Sobeys program. Every time you shop there, you can earn Aeroplan points. The thing I like about shopping at Sobey’s is when they have promotional days such as their Dollar Days. I have to admit, I hate broccoli, however for a buck a bag, I can stomach that. It’s actually pretty good in Chinese dishes like Beef and Broccoli or a hotpot with chicken, tofu, celery, green onions, carrots and mushrooms.

Many times a week, Sobey’s will have sale days where they will encourage some bulk buying on your part. As a reward, they will give you additional points. Last week for instance, I purchased two bottles of salsa verde (to make chili verde with pork). From that purchase, I earned 25 points. If you like tea, they were giving you 100 points if you bought 4 boxes. My pantry is full of tea and coffee so I skipped this deal. Bottom line is that everyone needs groceries and a vacation. It makes perfect sense to shop for groceries, earn your Aeroplan points to fly business class on your vacation.

Bargain Hunting

Liquidation World

Liquidation World

I’m a bargain hunter and I love to find deals. One of my favourite places to visit is Liquidation World. Unfortunately with the amount of money this city brings, a lot of these liquidation stores have been liquidated. When the oil boom was not quite booming, there were a few of these stores to visit. For instance, there was one near the Sheraton on 32nd Avenue, one on 17th Avenue, near Westbrook Mall and one near Chinook Centre. The only one remaining is the one near Chinook Centre.

It’s always interesting to see which company bellied up. As you go through the liquidated merchandise, you can sometimes catch the name of the store on the labels affixed to the boxes. Nowadays, the merchandise selling are marked with ‘Big Lots’. If you’re unfamiliar with this name, ‘Big Lots’ is a company in the US that has stores in all the major centres such as Los Angeles.

On the east side of the store, there are grocery items such as cookies, mustard, ketchup, water, juices and kitchen supplies. On the north side, there are gardening supplies and garden decorations. On the west side, there are some clothing, housewares and toys. There are kitchen appliances too which includes mixers, blenders, expresso machines, popcorn makers, etc. Downstairs, you will find furniture such as sofas, bedding, tables and chairs, etc.

Today, I found a Hamilton Beach popsicle maker for $22. This device works well, making popsicles as fast as 10 minutes. You simply put the unit into the freezer overnight then take it out when you’re ready to make popsicles. You pour in about half a cup of juice and let it freeze on the tabletop. After 5 minutes, you pour in the other half and wait 5 minutes again. When 10 minutes is up, you remove the popsicles and enjoy. The unit is 50% off the store price at $43 so it’s a bargain.