Recycled Percussion

Justin Spencer of Recycled Percussion

Justin Spencer of Recycled Percussion

We attended the Stampede the other day and had a chance to catch the popular act at the Bell Centennial Plaza where Recycled Percussion from Las Vegas performed. These guys are awesome! If you get a chance to see them, do so. They are so energetic, funny and talented. They were on the fifth season of America Got Talent and now they are performing in their own show in Vegas at the Tropicana hotel.

They are all percussionists. Justin Spencer is the lead percussionist and is the world’s fastest drummer. Ryan Vezina is the second lead percussionist and duels against Justin in their act. Matt Bowman is the guitar player and Todd Griffin (aka DJ Pharoah) is the Media Director.

They play everything from Queen to the Beatles. They accompany the music by beating on makeshift drums, made out of barrels, garbage cans, hub caps and an aluminum ladder. Justin and Ryan climb up and down the ladder, beating on the steps while Matt and Todd beat on the barrels. It is high energy and good sound.

Catch them at Stampede until Sunday or see them in Vegas.