Takes your Breath Away

One of the most scenic spots showing off our city is from the 10th hole on the Shaganappi Golf Course. From the tee box, you can’t help but admire the view. As a golfer, you don’t know whether to grab your camera or your driver. No other place in the city gives you such a breathtaking view of the skyline. And at this time of the year, rafters can been seen drifting down the river. It truly is a wonderful sight. Makes me feel proud living in this city of ours.IMG_0460

Deer Neighbor

We live in the SW part of Calgary and we often see jackrabbits in our yard. But one day when we were visiting our family in Siena Park, he brought it to our attention that there were deer in his neighbor’s back yard. He told us that deer would often jump the fence and hang around all day and night. The strange thing is that his neighbor’s house is in the middle of a community instead of being close to the wilderness.IMG_0060


If you have a taste for fried chicken and lots of it, go to the KFC on Bowness on Monday, April 24th, 2017 because for one day only, you can feast on all the fried chicken, fries and gravy you want. It is an All-You-Can-Eat event so get there hungry. According to previous foodies, the event runs from 4-8pm and costs $12.99 for adults and $6.99 for kids under 10 years old.

Los Mariachis Found

IMG_6284Summer is coming and it is almost time to sit out on the patio with a Corona and have good Mexican food. Too bad Los Mariachis don’t have a patio but then, who wants to sit out on the parking lot facing busy Macleod Trail? Instead come inside to a rustic cantina and explore the menu that have a bit of everything Mexican. There is fajita, tacos, enchiladas, burritos and even horchata on the drink menu. And if you have room afterwards, there is the caramel flan for dessert. (We never got that far but that would be my choice).

I had the El Trio which had a chile relleno, enchilada and chimichanga. I never stopped to ask but the chimichanga tasted a lot like the enchilada. Both had beef in it and both were wrapped with a soft tortilla. The only different was the sauce on top. For some reason, I thought the chimichanga was fried but then, I could have been mistaken. The chili relleno was tender and tasty.

My wife had the snapper and it came with green peppers and olives topped. The fish was firm and hard to tell whether it was previously frozen or not. (We should have asked but we didn’t). Both dishes came with some rice and refried beans.

When the bill came, we were surprised to find that the chips and salsa wasn’t complimentary like it is at many Mexican restaurants. After taking our order, the waiter thanked us then asked if we wanted chips and salsa to start and we (foolishly) said ‘Of course’. The chips and salsa is an appetizer here and sells for $10. As an appetizer, it comes with chips, salsa, guacamole and some pickled vegetables.

Would we return? Probably not right away but when we do, we have to be careful to not say ‘Of course’.



Warm up your Swing, Now

Before you head out for spring golf, you might want to warm up your swing in an indoor driving range first. You know, there are two indoor ranges in town. One in the SW and one in the NE. Both offer golfers the ability to hit golf balls indoors.

But I have a great deal for you. For the price of a large bucket of balls, you can hit as many balls as you want in an hour of time. Why be limited to the number of balls in a bucket? Get an hour for $16 instead of the original price of $29.40 in the NE dome. Click here to get this offer. But hurry before it sells out.

Be a Villager with Village Ice Cream

Village Ice Cream Store

Village Ice Cream Store

All my friends have tried Village Ice Cream and have been raving about it ever since. The fact is, we are never in the Stampede area so we haven’t tried it…until now. The only thing is, we tried it at the Britannia branch on Elbow Drive near 50th Avenue.

Is it the best ice cream I have ever had? Yes. Is it the greatest tasting ice cream I have ever had? Yes. Is it going to be my #1 ice cream store? Yes.

If you have never tried it then go try it. You will find their ice cream to be rich, creamy and good. The best way to describe it is, your very own homemade ice cream with all natural ingredients.

My favourite flavours are the Phil & Sebastian, Salted Caramel and any of the berries flavours.

Village Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Koto not my Goto

Grilled Halibut

Grilled Halibut

Thanks to the drop in oil price, I had to curb my spending on eating out. Hence the reason why I haven’t blogged much about food lately – sorry! After not eating Japanese food for awhile, I finally broke down and bought a Groupon to try out Koto, a Japanese restaurant and bar. The place is nice with Terra Cotta warriors in the front, seating against the window, a drinks bar, dining room and sushi bar in the back.

The hostess decided to seat us in the back where the sushi bar was behind us and we had a clear picture of who sat at the bar and what drinks they were having. I can see this how outside visitors staying across the street (at the Westin) could come here for a night cap.

We decided to order an entree each and share. I chose the steak and my wife chose the Grilled Halibut. I enjoyed my steak but the halibut was not good at all. For some reason, we both had expected the halibut to be a slice rather than filet. It didn’t look like halibut and the taste wasn’t good either. It was warm, not hot. And stiff. Was it basa?

There were plenty of veggies that came with both entrees and the fried ball actually contained fried rice which was a pleasant surprise. I initially thought it was a large potato tater.

Koto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Good Will (Hunting)

It’s scary to hear that a lot of you will die without a will. People who pass through the pearly gates without a will are known as ‘intestate’. I know what you are thinking. Everything you have owned will go to your spouse and family, right? Sadly, no.

According to the laws in this country, if you are intestate then all your belongings on earth will be decided by the court. They will assign someone to take care of it and if you like the way our province is run then you will like the way they will use your money. I know it sounds bizarre but it’s true. Google it if you don’t believe me.

After I found that more than 56% of Canadians will die without a will, I started wondering how I could change that. I thought, ‘hmmm, I have a blog that I can use to communicate this.” So here I am, communicating it to you. I plan to change my email signature to get the message out too. I think you should do the same. You know, tell 2 friends and they will tell 2 friends and so on.

I know my excuse up to now was pretty lame. What is your excuse? Too busy? Too expensive? No time to see a lawyer? Too young? No assets? No house? No car?

Well, I made it easy by finding an online service that will let your create a will in 3 easy steps, print it and store it in their vault for up to 10 years. After that, you can extend the time or print it out and move it to your own safety deposit box. Keep it online if you plan to change it over time or if you win the lottery and need to change the beneficiaries.

To make it easy and affordable, I have made friends at LegalWills.ca (Canada), USLegalWills.com (US), LegalWills.co.uk (UK), ExpatLegalWills.com (Other) and they will give you 10% off their prices when you enter the reference code ‘a1040285444’. I hope you do follow up and get yourself a will. Lets lower that 56% to 0%. Pass it on.


Shanghai Morning Surprise

Dumplings with Chives

Dumplings with Chives

There are so many restaurants in Richmond and so little time to try them all. Today we tried a new Shanghai restaurant on Alexander Road in Richmond for breakfast and dim sum called Shanghai Morning. Like all Shanghai restaurants, they serve the famous Shanghai dumplings. When it was served, it was a steaming tower of not one but two containers of dumplings. The trick in eating it is to delicately pick it up with your chopsticks without puncturing the dumpling. If you do, the soup inside the dumpling will leak out and destroy the eating experience. If you have master the chopstick control, you can pick up the dumpling with the soup intact.

Now to eat it, you place it on a spoon and nibble at it. You bite a bit of the skin off and you sip the soup through the opening. If it is made right, the soup will be delicious. Once the soup is sipped out, put the whole dumpling into your mouth and chew. The dumpling has pork in it and the skin is a little thicker than the won ton wrapper.

Next came a steamer with green dumplings in it. These were made with chives and hence, gave the dumplings a nice green colour (pictured). These dumplings could be my next favourite because they were light and scrumptious. I have never had these but I will definitely order them again.

Lastly came the deep fried slice buns that are served with condensed milk. These are nice dessert items to round off the meal.